Banking CRM

What is Banking CRM?

CRMs are important in all industries, but especially for banks, they help organizations deliver a more personalized customer experience.

Today's bank customer only thinks about her money and it's on her mobile device. From arranging a loan on a smartphone to exploring credit card options on a laptop, customers are fully embracing the convenience that the digital age brings to their transactions. Surname. bank movements.

CRM Banking helps you manage interactions with different banking customer segments with features such as a complete customer view, customer preference analysis, sales force automation features, and marketing. CRM for banking integrates with central banks, document management software, and other business systems.

Key Features of an Banking CRM

  • Lead & Opportunity Management

  • Sales Management

  • Customer Management

  • Complain Management

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • KPI Management & Analysis

iCRM Implementation

Preparing a customization roadmap.
Preparing an integration roadmap.
Delivering UX and UI mock-ups (for custom solutions).
Providing timing estimates for the implementation project.
Project planning.
Customizing platform-based CRM software.
Quality Assurance.
Integration with a core banking systemas well as card processing systems.
Data Migration.
Providing User Training.
Providing 24/7 CRM support.
Continuous Maintenance and Evolution

Outcomes of Implementing Banking iCRM Solutions

Increased sales volume of banking products and services.

Increased cross-selling and up-selling revenue from banking products and services.

Reduced time to resolve customer cases.

Increased productivity of bank employees.

A Complete & Robust CRM Solutions

We, iHelpBD provide our iCRM for Banks which can be integreted with the core banking system of a bank. Such as transferring banking product orders or service requests from CRM to core banking systems, transfer data (details of accounts opened), deposits and loans from core banking systems to CRM shows customer profiles for a more complete picture of each customer and more personalized customer service. Our Solution iCRM has also the feature to be integreted with the computer-telephony integreted system which let customer service agents and sales representative to initiate and accept customer calls directly from CRM without switching tools.