Sales CRM and Lead Management Software for success business

In the fast-paced world of sales, having reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or LEAD MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE are a must for operations, managing leads effectively, and driving sales growth. iHelpBD's Sales CRM Software stands out as a powerful automated tool tailored to meet the needs of businesses, offers a visual representation of the sales funnel and pipeline, providing a list of features that enhance productivity and efficiency across your process.


The dashboard serves as the command center, advertising a all encompassing see of the deals handle. iHelpBD's CRM dashboard incorporates basic components like pipeline, pipe, industry classification, source investigation, and lead range division. This comprehensive outline guarantees that related groups are well-informed and can make data-driven choices.


Lead Pipeline

iHelpBD's CRM allows users to visualize and manage their leads through a structured pipeline. This feature provides a clear overview of where each lead stands in the sales process, from initial contact to the whole transformation. Users can easily track progress, prioritize leads, and allocate resources by according LEAD MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.


Lead Funnel

The LEAD MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE offers a dynamic lead funnel that enables users to understand the conversion journey of leads. By visualizing the funnel, businesses can identify potential obstructions, optimize their strategies, and improve overall efficiency.


Lead Industry

Recognizing the diversity of industries in Bangladesh, iHelpBD's CRM software allows users to categorize leads based on their industry such as- ecommerce, education, hospitality, technology, government, banking, NGO and others. This segmentation feature is valuable for tailoring the approaches, messaging, and strategies to align with the specific needs of different business sectors.


Lead Source

Understanding where leads originate is crucial for optimizing marketing efforts. Our sales CRM provides lead source tracking, allowing businesses to identify the channels, such as- Websites, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, mobile app, IVR, sms, email and campaigns that generate the most qualified leads. This insight empowers marketing teams to allocate resources effectively and invest in high-performing channels.


Lead Area

Considering the geographical diversity within Bangladesh and the whole world, iHelpBD's Sales CRM and LEAD MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE include a lead area mapping feature. This functionality enables businesses to visualize the geographic distribution of leads, helping the teams prioritize and strategize their efforts based on specific regions.

CTI Integration

iHelpBD's CRM integrates Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to enhance communication capabilities. With CTI, executives can make and receive calls directly within the CRM, logging interactions and ensuring that no crucial conversation is missed.

History Tracking

Keeping a detailed history of interactions is vital for understanding customer behavior. iHelpBD’s sales CRM features help by tracking history, enabling users to review past information, engagements and tailor sales persons approach.

Task and Followup

It facilitates structured task management and follow-up scheduling. This ensures that sales teams stay organized, prioritize tasks effectively, and never miss an opportunity to engage with leads.

Non-voice Channels

Recognizing the importance of non-voice channels, iHelpBD's CRM accommodates various communication methods like email and messaging. This ensures that sales teams can connect with leads through their preferred channels.

Sales Activity Tracking

To monitor the effectiveness of sales its need to tracking the activities. Here you can see the sold products, owners, due amount, total amount, paid amount and other notes. This feature allows users to measure performance against predefined metrics, helping teams refine their approach for desired results.


In our sales crm or lead management, report is a feature which will definitely give you a total result of each and every salesperson of your company. Such as- lead report, pipeline stage, funnel stage, opportunity, history, CTI report, call log report etc. With these reports, salespersons can identify their current challenges and filter them as opportunities. Mainly, it aims to present an analysis of the sales activities and performance tracked by the CRM system. It’s proven that, iHelpBD's Sales CRM Software is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to upgrade their sales processes. By mitigating current problems with features ranging from CTI integration to opportunity management, this CRM software empowers teams to build stronger customer relationships and drive business success.