Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

Every customer's order may differ from one to another, but there is one thing that is absolutely common in every customer. What is it? Yes, you got it right. It is just their simple expectation to get a smooth contact center experience . However, it’s really a simple expectation but extraordinary service that many contact centers cannot provide for their customers. Hence, the expectation remains an expectation always. Often customers discover them in repetition by getting transferred from agent to agent and explaining the situation numerous times. Consequently, they lose hope in that company and their expectations switch to another company who is your competitor maybe!

iHelpBD has the solution:

To avoid the losing business situation, an advanced omnichannel contact center can provide the solution. As it can hook up everything from voice chat to email to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) . It can enable a smooth journey for customers which is the most important prospect of your business, iHelpBD believes. iHelpBD is providing a developed omnichannel contact center solution. By which you can conduct your services with the strategy of communicating with multiple channels, all in one platform. Therefore, it will be easier for Agents to immediately know about a customer's history and then can serve them accordingly. Besides, the journey will be a bit more smooth for customers as they can communicate with different media.

What iHelpBD offers:

Because of having an omnichannel contact center solution, iHelpBD allows customers to communicate with various media. Thus, customers can choose and switch here to there, anywhere they wish or feel comfortable. They can wander on-

  • Facebook messenger

  • Whatsapp

  • E-mail

  • SMS

  • Voice chat

  • Webchat

The most significant aim of omnichannel contact center service is to upgrade the customer experience. An example we want to add to demonstrate how it will ensure a smooth journey for customers. Suppose, one customer has bought a laptop from you, now the customer is facing some problem and it may lead him/her to call you. After listening to the problem your agent is feeling a need to see the picture of the laptop to serve the customer. In this case, the customer can easily move to the text option and can send a picture. Also, the customer will not have to explain it again, rather s/he can get the same agent, and if not then other agents can easily take care of the customer as they have the previous data because of the CRM feature. On the other hand, there are customers who are not comfortable talking over the phone, they may ignore giving a call before but now when you have multiple options you will not lose any customers. As now they can easily choose FB messenger, Whatsapp, Email, and Webchat. Along with these, you can serve them in every media with just one platform.

Our devoted and enthusiastic wish to serve you enables us to provide an outstanding smooth journey for your customers with our omnichannel contact center solution. iHelpBD is always there for your business with all the dedication possible to invest.