CRM Based Call Center Solutions

Companies can automate customer-related workflows with CRM software, ensuring that every interaction with customers and prospects goes smoothly and effectively throughout the customer journey. Organizations can boost close rates, customer loyalty, and profits with CRM software. And when a company owns a call center solution including CRM software, it ensures the best relations between the company and the customers. When it comes to interactions with customers and sales activities, iHelpBD provides the best CRM solution for you. Integration with other platforms, the buyer's journey, which includes every phone call, sms, email, website, apps, facebook and other interaction is among our most frequently used features.

Features of iHelpBD’s CRM Solution

The most common features of our CRM software are - lead management, contact management, client profiling, customer service management, project management, workflow automation, integration with other platforms, 360-degree customer view, analytics etc.

Top CRM Features of iHelpBD

Lead Management

With iHelpBD, you can personalize your outreach by having easy access to all of your leads' important information in one place. Lead management and generation are aided by our CRM service. As an effective lead management software, iHelpBD automates routine sales tasks to save time and speed up deal closure. It helps create the sales funnel and conduct additional follow-ups.

Contact Management

Our CRM software facilitates contact management by centrally organizing customer data; this includes both basic information like your name and address and more in-depth information like your statistical analysis.Additionally, it records customers and agents’ interactions. You can use our CRM software to track the lead's engagement with your email and website.

Client Profiling

Our CRM software helps you to avoid spending time searching through files and records to find the information you need to close deals and follow up with customers by conducting client profiling. We store all data in a single database, which makes it simple to manage all data from a single location and makes it quick to access across agents and other teams.For example, a customer profile for a client could include information like age, gender, location, purchase history, and website activity.

Customer Service Management

Our software can help businesses to manage customer support requests and track customer issues through to resolution. For the better management of customer service, iHelpBD’s CRM solution typically includes tools and functionalities that allow call center agents to efficiently and effectively manage customer interactions and relationships.

Project Management

We, iHelpBD can assist you with project management, which is a crucial feature for many businesses with it’s CRM software. It’s a comprehensive set of tools for creating, executing, analyzing, and optimizing multichannel marketing campaigns provided to marketing professionals. There are numerous advantages to ensuring that all project -related information can be tracked throughout a project and shared between sales and delivery teams, including opportunities for upselling. With CRM, you can undoubtedly portion your crowd in light of the previously determined criteria and make a robotized showcasing effort to speak with closely involved individuals or clients across different channels (like email, chatbots, calls, online meeting, and so forth.). to talk to one another.

Workflow Automation

Our CRM software has workflow automation which involves automating the sequence of steps involved in a particular business process, such as lead generation, sales, or customer service. Additionally, CRM solutions' capabilities for workflow automation significantly broaden their application and, in many instances, make it possible to automate enterprise-grade workflows, including intricate back-office procedures. For example, a typical sales process might involve qualifying leads, sending follow-up emails, and scheduling appointments with potential customers.

Integration with Other Platforms

iHelpBD’s integrated CRM solution makes your CRM accessible from anywhere 8 rather than being tied to a desk or computer. Which can provide clear reports showing the number of leads, deals, and opportunities held by each salesperson. Agents can effectively track progress and allocate resources. It can also integrate with other business systems, such as accounting software, inventory management software, facebook and ecommerce platforms.

360 Degree Customer View

With our CRM service, on a single outlook, you can access all of a customer's information. We achieve this by merging intense information experiences, creative innovation, and client-focused communication. From Live Customer and chat support to Analytics and Quality Assurance, we offer a variety of services, to charm every customer.


Interactive dashboards that can be customized with visual design tools (for example, overall call performance, snapshots of the current health of the sales funnel, team KPIs, sales forecast, or lead generation overview) are included in our full-featured CRM solutions. You can use them to create a variety of reports to monitor and evaluate your campaigns' effectiveness. Other data providers and solutions, as well as IT environments, can be easily integrated with our modern CRM solutions.

       By having all these services in one platform, we try to make your job easier. The best thing about our CRM system is that it can be used by almost any part of an organization, including sales, business development, marketing, customer service, recruiting, and other functions. It aids in improved management of internal processes and external relationships.