Fast, easy and affordable social media management tools now available in Bangladesh.

iSocial is a simple, easy to learn social media management software that helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business teams to schedule, publish and automate content on daily bases

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iSocail features that solve social media challenges for every industry, every day

  • Create

  • Schedule

  • Async

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Engage

  • creating and postig

    Create and Management

    • Multi-Account Management
    • Smart Inbox
    • Review Management
    • Message Delegation

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    Content Planning and Scheduling

    • Content Calendar
    • Automated
    • Publishing

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    Quarry Synchronize

    • Agent to agent daily, monthly and even yearly report
    • Agent hour evaluation
    • Assigned Selected Media and even audience

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    Analyze the Report

    • Post Performance Insights
    • Audience Insights
    • Competitor Tracking
    • Customizable Reports

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    reporting and analytics

    inbox & Conversation Management

    • Unified inbox for comments, messages, and mentions * across platforms.
    • Assigning conversations and tasks to team members.
    • Canned responses for faster replies to common questions.
    • Sentiment analysis to understand the tone of conversations.

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    Why iSocial is different from others?

    360 degree customer performance view

    360 degree customer performance view

    It refers to a complete overview of customers that derived from collected data through various touchpoints. This view integrates data interactions, customer inquiries, purchase history, and other relevant sources to create an overall profile of each customer.

    3On-Demand customer support

    3On-Demand customer support

    It allows businesses to provide immediate assistance through all channels. This feature also enables customers to reach out help or information faced in real-time, and businesses can respond quickly to address their inquiries, concerns, or issues.

    Customizable base on needs

    Customizable base on needs

    It allows organizations to utilize the processes they want to improve, and achieve better outcomes by aligning technology with their specific requirements and objectives.

    Easy to use with no training

    Easy to use with no training

    Typically it involves ingrowing user interfaces, clear navigation, and minimal learning curves.

    Our Clients



    "THelpBD has delivered a customize crm software based on our need with a unique design aesthetic that sets the client apart. The team’s collaborative and forward-thinking approach has impressed us and made for a successful engagement. The team meets deadlines and communicates progress via phone and email. "

    - Mr. Amzad Hossain Jacky


    "Thanks to iHelpBD’s work, The team was highly professional, flexible, and accommodating to stakeholders’ needs. iHelpBD delivered on time and within the budget. Their effective communication made us pleasure to work with, resulting in a smooth process. Overall, iHelpBD did the best work possible with the timeline we had. "

    - Mr Helal


    "iHelpBD did an outstanding job understanding our business, ultimately delivering the work that perfectly explained and reflected it. The team was highly talented and delivered on time and on budget, leveraging Slack and virtual meetings to communicate."

    - Mr. Shakil Mahmud


    "iHlpBD gave the work an elevated look and feel and a flexible backend, meeting the client’s expectations. Their work enabled the client to implement work changes without doing custom hasel. The team also managed everything properly, leveraging their experience to ensure a seamless project. "

    - Mr Abdul Alim


    "We are pleased with the work, which received positive feedback from our friends and associates. Thanks to iHelpBD, the site looked truly professional. The team delivered everything on time and stayed within the client’s budget. They were detail-oriented and delivered great results"

    - Ms Tamanna Islam

    Why to Choose iHelpBD’s Software?

    iHelpBD creates a revolutionary platform that sound merges all major social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram into a single, cohesive portal.


    iHelpBD's software portal acts as a vital bridge between customers and business personals, allowing for efficient control over multiple platforms from one centralized interface. This integration facilitates real-time conversations, enabling businesses to reach their customers swiftly and effectively.

    socical media management software Connectivity
    social media mangement software Centralized Hub

    Centralized Hub

    iHelpBD offers a central hub from where businesses and individuals can showcase their products, services, and brand identity. By regularly posting updates, multimedia content, and engaging stories, they can keep their audience informed and interested, and cultivate a loyal customer base.

    Portal Analyze

    It advanced functionality analyzes customer interactions and online behavior, which allow businesses adopt a targeted approach, ensuring marketing efforts are highly effective, with promotional messages reaching the most relevant audiences, significantly increasing the chances of converting interactions into sales.

    Portal Analyze


    In addition to the aforementioned facilities, iHelpBD offers an array of features designed to be exceptionally user-friendly for both business agents and business owners. This can trim operations and enhance efficiency within the business.


    We provide fleshy customization options, which enable businesses to gear their specific needs. They can create new user accounts, assign roles, and set permissions, and ensure that every team member has the appropriate level of access and responsibility.

    social media management software customization
    Ticket Management

    Ticket Management

    It permits businesses or individuals to maintain time periods and ensures high-quality customer service. At the same time it also help managing capabilities, monitoring KPI, and control over their operations, encouraging a productive and responsive business environment.


    What is Social Media Management Software or tools?

    It refers to applications or platforms that assist individuals or businesses in managing their social media accounts efficiently. This tool offers features like content scheduling, analytics, engagement monitoring, and audience interaction from a centralized dashboard. They aim to trim media tasks, analyze performance, enhance engagement, and finally improve the effectiveness of its marketing efforts.

    iHelpBD's software allows users to:

    Schedule Posts:

    Plan and schedule content across various platforms in advance for better consistency and efficiency.

    Monitor Engagement:

    Keep tabs on mentions, shares, comments, and likes to determine sentiment and even audience interactions with every activity.

    Analyze Data:

    Secure insights of the performance through metrics such as reach, impressions, clicks, and conversions.

    Manage Multiple Accounts:

    Handle multiple accounts from one dashboard, simplifying account management and coordination.

    Agent evaluate:

    It helps management to understand how well they keep to company standards, provide quality service, and meet customer needs.

    What is the purpose of iSocial by iHelpBD

    iSocial is designed by iHelpBD to easily trim the tasks, such as scheduling posts, analyzing performance metrics, and engaging with followers, making it easier for businesses to maintain an effective online presence

    What is the purpose of iSocial by iHelpBD?

    Though many tools do not offer integrations with other business systems such as email marketing platforms, customer support tools, accounting software, and e-commerce platforms. But iHelpBD integrates all these features that smooth the process and ensure data consistency across different systems.

    Can freelancers benefit from using iSocial?

    Yes, iSocial is suitable for freelancers as it allows them to efficiently manage multiple clients' accounts, schedule content, and analyze performance, facilitating their workflow and client management.

    Does iSocial support integration with multiple social media platforms?

    Yes, iSocial integrates safely with various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, providing users with a centralized dashboard for managing all their social accounts.

    How to evaluate social media management software?

    Bellow things should be consider when choosing a social media management software.

    Technical Assistance:

    Choose a solution with responsive support via email, social media, or phone.

    Reporting and Analytics:

    Prioritize platforms offering in-depth custom reports, reach, impression stats, and audience insights for effective performance tracking.

    Pricing Plan:

    Look for solutions with varied plans, affordability, and a free trial period to assess suitability before committing to a subscription.

    Transparent Pricing:

    Opt for providers with transparent pricing structures to build trust and ensure no hidden costs impact budgeting.

    Audience Engagement:

    Seek tools emphasizing social listening and monitoring capabilities to track brand mentions and engage with followers effectively.

    User Experience:

    To ensure everyday's uninterrupted operation choose a user-friendly solution with a simple interface.

    What are the benefits of using social media management software?

    The software offers huge numbers of benefits for businesses, utilizing various aspects.

    Efficient Handling of Activities:

    It enables easy handling of many activities such as planning, posting, scheduling, monitoring, and analyzing marketing tactics.

    Unified Interface:

    Using only a single interface, businesses can manage all their social media tasks peacefully, and can save their time by avoiding the need to switch between multiple platforms.

    Enhanced Planning and Execution:

    It facilitates better planning and execution of engagement strategies which can effectively lead and improve brand visibility.

    Optimized Workflow:

    With the planning, scheduling, and monitoring it optimized workflow, allowing business to maintain consistency and organize social presence.

    Data Analysis:

    Through built-in analytics and reporting features, our tool enables analyzing the performance of social media efforts. Also identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize strategies.